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65 Nassau Street, NYC

28 Liberty Street, NYC

335 E 27th Street, NYC (SEPTEMBER 2017)


Bringing it to bear.

PROOF is a New York bred, tech-and-mortar coffee purveyor, intent on bringing a new, exceptional standard to a coffee scene which has fallen into hibernation.

With our Unlimited Coffee Membership, and new kiosks and stores in development constantly, we aim to bring a high-quality coffee network to those who live, work, and play in the city -- and beyond.


Meticulous about product.

We are relentless in our pursuit of sustainable practices, from seed to cup, to produce the perfect end result.

We are indescribably passionate about our roasting (which we do locally, in Brooklyn), spotlighting Certified Organic and ethically sourced single origins from a variety of regions, as well as our house and espresso blends like The Schist, and The Bear Hug.


master of its craft.

Hospitality and respect above all, and that begins by focusing within.  When you have a team whom you truly empower and treat like family, that sentiment flows across the counter to customers, and that's an interaction you can't fake, nor force.

Yes, we sling some of the best coffee in the business, but what we truly serve is an experience that fosters community, connection, and congeniality.

PROOF Unlimited Coffee (& Tea) Membership

We believe great coffee should be served a bit differently.

We offer a monthly Unlimited Coffee Membership to help you spend smart, while enjoying the highest quality Certified Organic, ethically sourced coffees from around the world.

For about $2 a day, you enjoy:


  • Unlimited drip coffee -- any of our premium organic brewed coffees
  • Unlimited hot tea -- any of our premium full-leaf organic teas
  • All espresso and specialty drinks -- $2 flat.  Latte, cappuccino, mocha, matcha, you name it.
  • Exclusive member events, sales, and discounts